It is so important to bring meaning back into jewelry.

Rosemary Mifsud creates narrative, sustainable, and authentic engagement and wedding ring designs.  Her work values the personal story and offers an individual path for expression through fine jewelry.  These pieces honor the connection between two people through studying the harmony and contrasts of landscapes, botany, creatures, and the details of a moment.

Rosemary believes that if something is worth making, then it needs to be genuine and authentically meaningful.  In this way, her deliberate and finely crafted pieces of art positively impact the wearers experience and have a minimal impact on our earth.  Rosemary uses recycled precious metals and carefully researches diamonds and gemstones in an effort to work with only the cleanest mining histories and the most interesting and beautiful rocks.  This endeavor is in an effort to support the communities and landscapes where mining takes place and to use only the purest materials for such an authentic gift. 

Prop Design, Creative Direction, Object Design, Photoshoot Styling, Illustration . . . See more of Rosemary's work here.

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