Rosemary uses recycled precious metals and carefully researches diamonds and gemstones in an effort to work with only the cleanest mining histories and the most interesting and beautiful rocks.  This endeavor is in an effort to support the communities and landscapes where mining takes place and to use only the purest materials for such an authentic gift.


All diamonds

Raw or cut, all are conflict free and come through the Kimberly Process Certification System.  

Recycled Diamonds

Re-cut and polished in the USA.

Canadian Diamonds

Mined, cut and polished in Canada and must follow strict standards defined by the Government of the Northwest Territories that protect the Arctic land and environment as well as the workers in the mine.  

Raw Diamonds

Sourced from Arkansas (USA), Canada, and countries abroad.  


Recycled Metals

All precious metals used are refined using 100% recycled metals to reduce our impact on the earth through mining.  Under certain circumstances, family gold can be re-purposed into your new narrative ring. 

Fair Trade Gemstones

Closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to the Quality Assurance and Fair Trade Gems Protocols. The protocols include environmental protection, fair labor practices, health and safety standards, and a tight chain of custody that eliminates the possibility of treated gems or synthetics being introduced into the supply chain. The program also includes promotion of cultural diversity, public education and industry accountability.