The Story of Two

The Story of Two originated out of creating engagement and wedding rings for couples that truly value the intimate humors of their relationship, present moments and meaningful details. However, the stories don't end there as many important life moments deserve the honor of a memorable piece of jewelry. Whether this be the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, a fresh start, or a personal life transformation, the Narrative Custom Design Process embraces and honors the subtleties of your story.


Narrative Design Process

The Story of Two custom design process is unlike any other because of the depth and care that goes into each piece and the experience thereof.  Every relationship is unique; yours is so You.  The all important gesture and gift of giving a ring to symbolize it, should also hold meaning and individual personality.  This tiny sculpture will become part of a real, everyday, life and be the consistent reminder of where you two came from, your experience together, and your intentions for the present and future.  The ring deserves a deeper look.  It is a mark in time, and a spark for more to come. 

Rosemary has developed a design process that allows the form to be grown out of Your story.  Through conversation, thoughtful writing, answering of questions, and selected imagery, your story is conveyed in a depth that allows for the birth of your ring design.  You already have the story, all we need is a bit of time and a collection of genuine details.  The outcome is an experience and high quality product that will add meaning to your marriage and a narrative ring that will be passed down to loved ones in the future.


Your Keepsake List

  • A unique and finely crafted piece of jewelry designed around Your story with special attention to detail and aesthetic.
  • Handmade walnut ring box.
  • Personal contact with Rosemary through face to face meetings or online communication.
  • Photography of your creation.  
  • Your story and ring care information to keep and to remember for years to come.



Custom pieces require adequate time for the story based design, proper communication, material sourcing, and form prototyping and creation.

Please contact Rosemary to inquire about timelines.

Custom stories begin at 3500.